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Theater Yong

Theater Yong is Korea’s first, new conceptual cultural complex space, located in the Museum.

It is a performance-specialized auditorium with 805 seats including eight for the disabled, and staging performances of various genres from classical music to dance, plays and musicals.

The inside of Theater YongThe inside of Theater Yong
1st floor of seats1st floor of seats
2nd floor of seats2nd floor of seats
Proscenium stageProscenium stage
Upper stage 1Upper stage 1
Upper stage 2Upper stage 2


Symbol Mark of Theater Yong

  • The symbol is designed after the combined images of Korean alphabet “용(Yong)” meaning dragon with cloud and imaginary animal, dragon.
    The Korean image is magnified as a yin-yang symbol is embodied in the tails of the dragon.
  • The red color delivers the image of passion and energy toward various performances.
  • The Korean logo type is designed with bright simple font with achromatic colors which intended to avoid the dragon’s fixed image of heavy and old fashioned.
Brand Mark / Grid System Brand Mark / Grid System

Theater Yong Logo type

The theater’s logo is an important factor in delivering the image of Theater Yong along with the symbol.

combination of Korean alphabet
combination of English alphabet
combination of Korean and English alphabets