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Goryeo Daejanggyeong (Tripitaka Koreana) : Talk, Pansori Chang, Song

2018.12.08(Sat) - 2018.12.08(Sat)
Running Time
Theater Yong
the Cultural Foundation of the National Museum of Korea
Admission fee
R 35,000won, S 25,000won
Viewing Rating
For ages 7 and above

Performance Outline

This show is tied with the National Museum of Korea’s exhibition Goryeo: The Glory of Korea. 
The show introduces various expressions of the Tripitaka Koreana, the main artifact of the exhibition. 
The Tripitaka Koreana was created to overcome the national calamity of the invasion of the Mongolian empire through the power of Buddha.
The historical significance of the collection originate from the contribution of common people during the country’s adversary. 
Novelist Kim Hongshin will be the emcee of the show, including a conversation with former minister of the Ministry of Culture Lee O-young,
a pansori performance of the Korean traditional music creator group Grim,
a mime performance of Cho Seongjin, and singing performances from Kwon Jinwon and An Chihwan.
The show will lead an audience to relive the spirit of the Tripitaka Koreana.